# Empaths Observations

The device which was being used , finally ‘ gave up the ghost ‘ , and ceased to charge – which is not bad for a product that was still under warranty , and which had issues , relateing to the various electrical feilds generated by the bits which made it function . Both thighs have been burnt as has the thumb, first finger & palm , of one hand , when it was operateing , or changeing .

Being sensitive to electrical feilds , has been a common feature throughout my vessels life . High voltage lines used to generate migraines , when within 500 meters of active lines ; the old copper phone lines , could be heard ‘singing’, when walking a country mile . Cell phones & lap-tops , like early microwaves , are a problem – even modern microwaves , are given a few feet of space when operational – similarly with any generation handset , of a cellphone – they get nowhere close to the head , when one is able to get away with speaker phone – the hand, still cops it , ☺️ , even into the bones .

The house a couple of doors down, p er the road which got it’s front burnt in an arson attack , has been demolished and the new build started . It’s going to be more than the basement, plus ground floor ( which has been washed of all the pink protective coating off the timbers ) , with the first floor is being installed today , though I’m somewhat surprised at the number of I-beams , and sqaure steel supporting pillars that have been installed , with this build . This is a first , for a private dwelling that I’ve seen in the burbs – I’m wondering , if this is to do with the new building code , and the recent pullout of AIG insurance group from Wellington .

The Council’s actions since the Seddon series of qaukes , which did no damage , yet the council , have managed to stuff the New Library & Admin buildings , by taking out an air-bridge , which helped to stabilise both buildings – now , we are looking to demolished, or strengthen both , at great expense . The old Town Hall is shut for strengthening, and so soon after spending millions pn it’s last upgrade, and the Organ restoration ; all of it , going to waste , and ‘pop up’ library’s , to replace the centeral library . Wonderful .

While over in Centeral Park , a day or two ago, a female Kaka , was just out of reach , investigating the branches she was pearched on . This encounter lasted about 5 minuets . She was a Zralandia hatcling , as a couple of bands were on her leg .

As for the main stream , it’s gougeing it’s base deeper with each passing wet frount, which passes over – all of the tracks in the Poll Hill reserve , are being cut to peices by bike riders , making some parts very ‘intertesting’ , to traverse , without ending up on your butt, in the sticky mud , that got one slideing , either uphill or down . The tracks are none the less , worth the effort of walking , for the sights and sounds of the bush – and the encounters , with inqusitive native birds . Thankfully most of the rain that’s fallen here , this year has been overnight – only a couple of wet n wild days .

The Ombudsmans office , seen to have put me on hold , ♻️, to see what I do with the options, regarding the landlords ’employees/friends in the community . So , it looks like the SD card will need to be unencrypted , now that the laptop is able to be used again .

The Magolias, that are a bitixed up with this warmer weather , have now lost most of their leaves, and are about to flower for the second time – when they get to full bloom, they should look amazing , with their rose pink tinted white flowers , on each & every branch end – just in time for the next high winds , to remove all traces of petals .

Mushrooms of various descriptions are about – I caught a couple of youths hunkering down in the bush , off track & from their actions , appeared to be consumeing ‘magic mushrooms’ . Not much in the way of feilds mushrooms about , this season , again, sadly , though some of the large white native one’s , have made an appearance, along with a few ‘Fly Agric’ , no mouses ears , so far this season .

The neighbourhood trolls, have decided to be a lot more discrete of late , thankfully . I, must ‘bark’ more frequently , as it seems to get results for the whole neighbourhood . πŸ™‚

Still warm enough to confuse the vessel, when out walking , & similar . It gets a bit much having to disrobe, part way through a shopping trip , to stop the PreP drugs sideffects . With those in mind , today arrangements were made with the H2O2 (food grade) Hydrogen Peroxide , distributers, for a delivery , for medicinal purposes – another re-jigg of the blood mineral levels, plus gastrointestinal bacteria, along with any viruses, that are trying to ‘get a life’ . It will also afford some measure of pain releif , as an additional bonus .

#Empath’s Observations

It’s the 22-02-2019, and I’m in due to the weather, outside, which while very variable, has had some extremely welcome rain fall, as a fine mist, on two drops, which got sucked into the soil, without trace. Hopefully, the last fall to come thru, which was a bit heavier, went a bit further, toward quenching the thirst of the land, and it’s inhabitants.

After haveing come under a ‘Spirit Attack’, while out shopping yesterday, it became a matter of sorting thru, any & all possible reasons – the neighbour, seen going into town, was so engrossed in talking to his companions, that my vessel was missed, so that was one possible, out. Next ran thru all else, and it would seem that the OIA Reqest ( Official Information), made on the landlords ‘spin-doctors’, was the most likely cause – they have a very persistent insistence, that no matter how wrong, they may be, they, are never, wrong. My request, was to the identity of the Stauffer concerned, & had been worded in such a way, that it should generate, one, only answer – a confirmation, of identity ; that confirmed, the Stauffer, will not be looking forward to the response, as he’s seen & heard me, advise nosey neighbours, before, about gossiping, about their neighbours business, as a means of social interaction.

The level, and persistence of the negative energy, was such, that I had to take myself, over to the park, for a few hours.

It turned out to be an informative visit, as a pair of Qauil, seen last year, for the first time, hve successfully hatched a clutch of eggs – I managed to spot mum & 8 chicks, a little over 4 feet away, thru the brush and weeds.. The stream is running low, as expected, though I’m well pleased to see fingerings, of the native Galaxid ‘Banded Koukoupu’, plus Koura – crayfish.

For some reason this year, the birds have left the fruit, alone on one, Kawakawa bush, for which I’m thankful – it’s an interesting melenge, of flavours, & textures – and, as long as it’s hard bits, are not crunched between teeth, it’s a sweet, fruity set of flavours, which mush, with tounge pressure, on the roof of the mouth ; bite on it, and enjoy a serious bit of pepper, to ‘help’ the enjoyment.

There’s a National Kapa Haka Cultural Event, on in town, with teams of performers, from all over the country – all accommodations, via Marae, and several motels/hotels, have been booked out, for the duration of the event, which makes it the largest, since it started, a few years ago.

One notes, that former allies, are still unsettled, due to the enthusiasm, for Authoritarian reigeimes, around the world. This, along with the Data attacks, that are being perpetrated, is not, a productive way to go.

There are more reports from one of the spyware apps, of more hacks, invoveing in excess of 60,000,000 accounts, from a range of apps, and tech companys. They also advise of ‘Devious Developers’, abusingacess codes, & policies of, Google, Apple, & Facebook ; speaking of the latter, they are also mentioned, indirectly, via their apps, which are illegal gathering information, to which they are not entitled.

Google, are at resent, tracking in excess of 18,000 apps, which have dodgy software. This dodgy software, often involves being ‘bombed’, with advertisements, which have been said to be hard to get rid of.

A couple of the company’s posts , have suggested, a “hard reset” – should you have any apps involved, or, which you’ve noticed increased battery usage, time to uninstall, and or, do a hard reset – Take Note of Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, & other “vital” information, to re-enter, should backup not have backed up, details, which should have been.

As this is typed, the far North, is currently getting rained on, with electrical activity. The freezing level, is said to be dropping, come Sunday, down South.

The dampness, in Wellington, at present, along with the rain up North, is off a sub-tropical storm-former cyclone, sitting off the bottom South-East corner of Queensland, Australia ; this, is making way for a cold frount, to come in, with all the joys, which that brings.

One downstairs neighbour, passed into spirit, aprox 2-3 days back. None of our neighbours, have said a word – it was one of the deceased freinds, who was in need, of another neighbour ( who wasn’t home, & the seeker, got the ‘wrong’ /right, door) so her message was passed on.

A house hit by an arsonist, 4 years ago, finally, had a start on remedial work – demolition, with a re-build. Another a few doors, got sold, by a greedy landlord – a youngish couple, brought it, & have within the last 2 weeks, replaced the Roof & guttering, Insulated the exterior walls & ceiling, and re-wiring the place ; next, will most likely be the carpet, and interior stuff, once the exterior bits are done – includes replacing rotted weather boards, and a new paint job.

A few doors further, one very old, former hotel/guest-house/boarding house, is haveing the be deconstructed, due to the Asbestos sheeting, on some walls – the de-construction team, were seen in those white cover-all forensic suits, with breathing apparatus on – all material removed by them, was put into thick plastic bags, sealed & sent to the landfill.

This cooler weather, of late, is generating an increase in the yellowing of the exotic trees, with the native trees, showing fresh new, green leaves , and none to few limp ones, like they’ve had a drop to much alcohol.

Alcohol, Solfeigio Tones & DNA, Chakra stimulation, & more, was caught up on, over the last few days. Hubble & related information ; the sound of Phi, &, Tau – 2 mathematical numbers, which make nice music, and would form part of what some call “Gods Syphony”, which is generated, by all that is – our star, Sol, & All, of its planets & planetoids & moons, except the Earth’s Moon, emit easy listening, radio emissions, which make sense to the Ear. The Moon, makes a noise more akin to a radar/sonar/homeing signal ; Qausars, & Neutron stars, Pulsars, all emit pulses of energy – usually a lot in a small packet of sound – slow these down several tens of times, and what sounded like a ping, becomes a multilayered series of freqencieies ( packet data, maybe?), or a Nerve impulse, in a being, to immense, for us humans, to comprehend, both the size & complexity of.

Our body’s, are but vessels, for Spirit ; and Spirit can leave its body temporarily, due to pollution and return when not so toxic to its Sirit. Its when the Toxicity, is of the sels generation, from its actions, as Spirit, would not purposely damage its vessel, as the vessel, is a learning tool, for Spirit – and it here, that this world would change, were Spirit, to exert more control, of its vessel, and stop trying to damage itself, as it damages others vessels.

I like my vessel a lot, as its led a reasonably good life ; it’s also remembered, some of its Akashic Records, which helps everyone, as the vessel gives more than it uses, and is often attacked, for that, by less knowledgeable vessels, which took little to no notice of its Spirit, & headed out along a hedonistic trail, much to the Spirits (forgiveness) embaresment, at haveing to redo the lessons not learnt, in the last life.

Live with your Spirit, for it knows how to step off, this plane, on the cycle of incarnation, yet remain to guide other souls, toward their awakening.

Previous posts, have mentioned, “New Age Vibrational Remedys”, such as the Bach Flower Essences, First Light Flower Essences, and Homeopathic medicines.

These work well, despite the nay-sayers, who in my life, are the M. D’s, who have noticed, that the vibrational remedys & the Naturopathic ones, work well, for to many of their clients. Some folks, who do the ‘Natural Remedys’, are getting better outcomes, to issues, which the MD’s, have seen to many of their clients, obtain results, that leave them wondering, when other Paitients, who do not use alternative material media, and only pharmaceuticals, tend to die sooner, and to often, deteriorate before the Doctors eyes, from the prescription Poisons, issued to ‘help fix/mend’, a body, while the Alternative Materia Medica users, appear to keep on going, long past the other clients – I’m still waiting for the two years, I was given, by a Hematologist, over 18 years ago. That Hematologist, got such a good education – not ; yet I wonder if he realises, that every 6 months, there’s a sample of my blood, passes through his facility, from the Hospital – usually. πŸ€”β˜ΊοΈ

#Empath’s Observations

It’s been a trying few days, since giving the “Royal Order of the Big Boot”, to one who proved beyond doubt, that they cannot be trusted . It was unfortunate, that individuals posed as a freind, but were in fact, by their words & their actions, anything but.

One aqaintence, they met thru Y vessel, they tried to rip off,, at least once, ; another, never meant what they said, & never said, what they ment.

All people This faux-freind met via my vessel, has been advised to be careful in their future dealings with,, this ‘faux freind’, as if they haven’t had it, they will get the “d.i.li.g.a.f.” attitude – ” do I look like I give a fuck” ; seems that the faux freind will be getting several doses of his own medicine – how much, is questionable, as I’m not aware of any other Karmic Debts, he’s incurred, or Wether or not, his Karma, will all come back in one hit, or be in dibbs and drabs – either way, he will have brought the ‘misfortune’, upon himself.

Faux-freinds, aka ‘Frenamies’, are starting to become more prevelent, than previously – M.P’s (members of parliament/senators/governors) rarely do for the many, more often, doing for the few , which is where a lot of problems, in the community, are originating, with no end in sight, as these ‘elected representatives’, are to often, self serving, egocentric, & to often greedy, & hardly ever, forward looking, as their/our great grand parents were, when installing infrastructure, which the first part of the baby-boomers, tore out – now, in new Zealand, there’s limited talk of ‘light rail’ & trams, being returned to some cities, in a vain attempt to avert the current problems being generated, by current transport modes – Cars, Trucks, in particular, as well as the pollution, from all internal combustion engines, running on fossil fuels – it’s wasteful, and I’m certain that the tech currently exists, to allow greater travel distances, for electric vehicles – reference Nickloai Tesla , Genius Inventor, who nearly got us All, free electricity, via DC generaters. These Teslsa generators, could easily be miniaturised to fit into a car, or adapted to power ships & aircraft at current speeds, if not higher, without as much pollution, and damage to the environment.

On the Environment ; was chatting with a senior citizen recently, while in the local park. He was well spoken of the park, though lamented the huge reduction in insect & bird numbers, since we, were children. – the senior, had 20-30 years, on me, and got no disagreement, on the subject, just confirmation.

Each year that passes, it seems there’s less, wild Fungi, Insects, Birds, and even some of the plant species, have now become critically endangered, world wide – before we kill off (every) living thing, our demise, will be witnessed by the survivors, of any species, that we humans, have not killed, for food, sport, or just plain ignorance of how interconnected, every life-form on Earth is. The more Spiritual advanced/aware among us, know of the connectedness, of all that is seen, by the eye of man, as well as that which is not.

This place – Earth – is but ‘ a part of an Atom’ ‘, on the Universal Scale of size, though the complexity, of Life on Earth, it is all, some form of Spirit – Spirit, as mentioned in earlier posts, is the missing ounce of weight, between live , & dead weight ; Science cannot account for the missing ounce, yet it has been photographed, leaving the deceased vessel, th go “home” for a while, before returning, to continue in another vessel, born to another woman. Selections made in this life, for future parents , doesn’t eqate to, getting those souls vessel’s, as your parents, in the next life.

Now, with the West in some amount of turmoil, due to the aforementioned representatives, the Dragon & the Bear, are starting to show their true colours – China’s Huwaiwei (hope I spelt it right) is systematically locked out of Telecom upgrades, to 5G, by partners in the ‘5 Eyes’, group of country’s, & more, as no-one, trusts China, not to put technology into the hardware, that would allow them to spy, without recourse, on all communications, on 5G.

Due to this lock out, China, has started to make life difficult, for all players on the world stage, thru diplomatic channels at present, though some businesses are affected also, via ‘improper documentation’, resulting in refusals to admit products, and some foreign nationals, being imprisoned, for insufficient reason – it’s to harrass the home countrys populations & governments.

Huwaiwei, recently ran ads in local papers, about its being knocked back, yet any foreign business, which is abused by its Chinese supply, cannot take out advertisements in Chinese newspapers, saying similar, to defend themselves. Fonterera, is a good example .

Demands from China, about accessing high technology, are quite rightly being refused, due to the Rights, involved – copyrite, computer operating systems, like IOS, from Apple.

One thing that needs to be stopped, from being exported from China in particular, as the world’s largest supplier, of the precursors for methamphetamine -; this has been an increasing annual problem in New Zealand, and I will presume, other countrys.

It’s another hot day, and aspects of ‘de ja vue’, with the start of every day this past week, with every morning, starting out overcast, then clearing, to a very warm day – even the birds, tend to hit the shade a lot more than other-wise, plus they are also, down at the creek, frequently drinking. Most of New Zealand, is now in drought – there’s been one wild fire, burning for over 10 days, requiring the evacuation of 1 town, plus all familys – about 600 – from 3 or 4, other valleys, in the vacinity. Some have been allowed back home, though have been told, to remain packed up, in case the fire frount changes, and they must, then move, or, get fried ; farmers & small land block owners, with animals, are being taken into the valleys, in convoys – the town that got to ‘go home’, however, remain, as with all others, on notice, for rapid evacuation. I wonder what would be said, by the nay-sayers, on climate change, and events occurring around the planet, not to mention, all of the records that have been broken, for Temperature, Precipitation, Wind Speeds, Storm Strengths, Acidification of the Oceans, & the industrial pollution, of our drinking water ; New Zealand, has another issue with water – Chinese owned, water bottling plants, which get to take billions of water, for Free, & resell it as “100% Pure New Zealand Artesian water”, while the local’s water supplys, have become, 1, Polluted, 2, Reduced Flows, 3 Restrictions on locals, usage, on gardens, over Summer, 4, polluted rivers – there are now regular warnings of Toxic Alal Blooms, in Rivers & Lakes – same thing with e-coli bacteria ( from Visitors, using non-self-contained transport) , & it’s not just the Visitors, there’s also all that cow urine, that isn’t used by some part , of the enviroment.)

There’s recently been legislation brought in, regarding ‘vapeing’ in cars with children – cigarettes lit, in cars transporting children, has been banned for some years. Now, some cities and local municipalities, have brought in smoking & vapeing bans – there are spaces set aside for such activities . Not all Bars, Resteraunts and attractions, have smoke free polocies, in place ; Public Transport, is all non smoking & vape free.

A response, is awaited, from the landlords staff – I expect my question to have an affirmative answer – the response, to the questioned I.d. Party, used to be employed in as a letting clerk/tenancy manager, who was useless, & got the nickname of “Sir Lies-a-Lot”, when similar issues occurred at my last address. I think that the response will be fun to write up, though I doubt it will be Hi well received, as the intended recipient, is to be reminded of his lack-luster performance, as a tenancy manager – now he’s in the “quality & assurance” office / Spin-Doctors”.

Looking at events, world wide, it looks as if we have all been put into a ‘handbag on self greasing rails, on a trip to hell. Species are being lost faster than they are being found ; routs are running rife, and the amount of animus, seems to be increasing, daily. The Roman Ctholic Church, is finally, letting some of ots’ skeletons out of the closet’, as we’ve all heard of the child abuses, it seems that the “Brides of Christ”, were subjected to similar abuses, by horny preists/bishops/cardinals. It also refreshing to hear the Pope, saying that the Vatican Banks books, were to be ‘opened’ – it now remains to see just how much the books are opened – it will certainly, make for interesting reading.

Drugs ; Synthetic Canabanoids – are a big problem in New Zealand, with 45 cases presently, in Coronial Services – there’s been mention of a higher number. For allowing these synthetic Canabanoids onto the market, we must thank a former MP (member of Parliament), who was a known ‘party jumper’, until starting his own party, in collusion, with what passes as the Conservatives – then & now. The problem is so bad here that one of the government’s research labs, is offering to help the Hospitals, with analysis of blood samples – when the patient gives consent.

Had an appointment with the Medical Specialist, yesterday, who is a bit concerned about the kidney functions, due to one of the PREP Drugs, used. An appeal/submission, is to be made for the alternate version, as it does less kidney damage. The discourse with the Specialist, was ut in a way, that using my results, she got a submission, for All, who use this Drug – I, whish her every success, with the attempt, to access. The thought crossed my mind, re this attempt to change my drugs, has anything to do with my being a 20 year survivor. My condition shifted, from Terminal, to Choronic Illness ; one which doctors are reluctant to use best practice, with, as I found out yesterday, when I mentioned going onto one of the Oxidative Therapy, again ; I had to explain to the specialist, the difference between a medininal procedure, with this, and, Maintainence doseage, to help with pain relief, gastric issues – to many anaerobic bacteria, insufficient aerobic bacterium, then its just a matter of keeping up with Fiber – pre biotic – and fermented foods – pro-biotic – which should help maintain good distance, between Medical Doctors, and the poisons/drugs, they prescribe/peddle. I was touched by the concern shown, re the kidney functions starting to go, I advised her that there’s “Juniper Berrys”, sitting on the ‘spice’ shelf, “Saw Palmenro” was also mentioned ; she enquired of the effectiveness, and was told, $ drops, 1-2 times daily, & hold in mouth, as long as possible. Drink water, & eat parsley. An agreement, came forth, “as it appears to be working well for you”. πŸ™„ Were these Doctors to ‘join the dots’, they would become better at healing people, and in that, feel better in themselves. I, often get the impression from the Medical Doctors ( & some Buearacrats), that they are unwilling students, as they consider, that what theyverbeen trained in, is “Gospel Truth”, for best practice, for best outcome.

Our politicians, are playing games, on public submissions hearings, with the ‘party numbers’ on the qourum, we’re not right, so the Opposition walked, & refused to return to the meeting room, when numbers were gained – 30 seconds late – wasting the Resources, Time Effort, of the submitters – some of whom had flown in from various parts of the land, near & Far. A new hearing date, is to be arranged, which this time, one hopes, All Parties, required to Attend, Do So.

And before I forget, Welcome to New Readers, of this blog. Hopefully, you find some useful information in it, or inspreation, or some other bennifit, from reading this.

I was going to start this with the introduction, first question, and first answer, from “The Prophet”, by, Kahlil Gibran, only ‘ptsd’, intervened, as I had trouble reading through that section. Don’t know what set it off either, as the tears stopped, after that.

Weather change tomorrow, 2 frount coming in from the south – right hip/pelvis, was laying to today’s northerly, & was just warm, the lefthi/pelvis, is noticeably hotter, and more uncomfortable. The vessel, is starting to noticeably split, to its Winter weather indicators, & I’m goining to have to love, the drugs I hate, up to 4 times daily – paracetamol, being the most offensive, even when raw Tumeric Root – Organic, is most effectatious – the paracetamol, still comes thru. Am thinkinking of making changes to the Spirilina Fruit Cocktails, so that the medicinal part is increased, to help avert an increase in aracetamol/acetomenophin.

A Good Day, to All, & to All, a Good Day.

#Empath’s Observations

This reay – 2019 – is apart from being a ‘year of the pig’, is also shaping up to be a year for changes, some, for the people whom I’ve known, and others, who have been in my history ( landlords staff), who were recently issued an “Official Information ) Act reqest, to clarify if the latest ‘author in support’ of the Manager, over keys & the security of this flat.

The name is familiar, myself, as a ‘Letting Clerk – Tenancy Manager’, who refused to act on similar complaints, at my previous address – Ithe flat was burgled at least 8 times, each, with a key – the key holder, was caught several times, post my incidents, which included being ‘moused’. The first lot, died, and a bar was put across the door, to stop them getting u’under the door’ – the bar was of No use, & repeated complaints were made – excuses, all unbelievable – given. It didn’t stop the burglays of my flat, & so the landlords ‘freind’, started going into tenanted flats, was caught in the act, as well as by a tenant who was home, behind a locked door.

The landlords staff, refused to act, by removing the keys from our neighbour, theie ‘freind’, despite several complaints being lodged. What’s more, no application to any means of justice, was subverted, to the landlords favour, due to mis-information = evidence, being submitted, into the record.

The receipt of the OIA reqest, was not viewed, or taken well, by the latest liar, to orchestrate on behalf, of Un- ethical, immoral, and, in-scrupulous staff, employed by the local body, which is oft referred to as the “Wellington Criminal’s, Co-operative & Club, +, it’s small business unit,” we cheat heaps, or, cheats heaps ”, for no matter how wrong they are, they are always right, far to often, to their tax-paying victims.

This year, is also a ‘clean out’ year, for people who I know, who only remember me, when they’re ‘wanting for what ever reason. One whom I thought I knew, went at the beginning of the month, and I’ve heard nothing, after my last text, thanking them for letting the room on me, again., and ending with “bye”. Another, is testing the limits on what I’m prepared to accomadate, in relation to their being trusted, on their word ; it will also be nice to be free of the deeply ingrained biases, to which they themselves, go out of their way, to be engageing in ‘the biases, they have expressed – the person, has before my eyes, upped his alcohol consumption, + other intoxicants. Add to this, he’s found a female, whoo likes cock, & apparently, cannot get sufficient of it – & there’s complaints about that – there appears to be No sateing, this one’s appetite, for a self propelled, siral, downward .

On t other more interesting things.

Baby Kaka, are in the Park, over the road.. They’ve been seen climbing down shrubs, to wander the ‘bush’ floor, for about 50 meters, before coming up a young tree, just over 10 feet off. It worked out how to get from ground level, climbing up 4 different trees, & over a public path, all without any passers-by knowing, or seeing the family – Mum, or Dad, was keeping a watch full eye on junior., like all attentive parents, who supervise their offspring’s evolution, from egg, thru all stages, to fledgeling, and even then, for 4 months, there’s baby Native Fledgeling, on the floor of their new, reduced predator numbers, environment.

The last storm of summer / first of winter, has made a lot of changes to the bed of the creek, in the Park. Most of its length, has been ‘rescupted ‘, and now has 3 new filters/dry bits, a lot of material, has been gouged out, from the upper half of the stream – a fence post, got moved over 200 meters, and several rocks, the size of an Adults Chest, got moved downstream, several 10’s of meters, new pools generated, others obliterated, all, are void of native fish – the Koura = Crayfish, clung onto, something stable, or had a very good ‘hidy-hole’.

Kawakawa trees, near to where I sit, have unusualy, has several ripe fruit on them – yum. If the birds aren’t going to consume them, I will, as they are quite tastey, & sweet – think of, pineapple, passionfruit, cucumber, & other fruit flavours. People, don’t often get to sample these fruits, though the leaves are regularly used, as a poultice, a ‘detox’ agent ; the leaves can be added to meals, for some heat, however an infusion, has a completely different taste profile, and is very refreshing, best of all, no side effects.

I’m expecting a weather change – to which direction, I don’t know.

I am pleased, that the heat wave has passed – just about the same time that Canada/USA, got the polar vortex.

The heatwave here broke several records, it also broke several more, in many parts of Australia, and now north Queensland, seems to be getting inundated, with Townsville, getting 1,000mls, in 7 days – that’s their average yearly rainfall. The droughts elsewhere on earth, are still ongoing & worsening, as are the floods/rainfall events which come after.

It’s a new day, and the weather has ‘turned’, from sunny & hot, to cold & wet – I should have realised this weather change was happening, for the number of times it disturbed my drugged sleep – 3 times.

It’s also a day to “clean house”, of trash, that calls itself freind – “freinds” come in many forms, most are, in my experience, not Trustworthy enough, to be what could be referenced as a “True Freind”.

They remind me of the saying, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”, & human predators, are masters of camouflage, in all its forms.

#Empath’s Observations

It’s 25-1-2019 ; and it’s been an interesting year, so far – pretty much the same as last year,, only ranked up, somewhat, at great expense to those who are being used, as pawns, in a political ” food fight”, in many jusristictions, around the world.

The Empire builders, are at it again – meddling in the affairs, of Soverigein States, to who’s advantage,?, Not the Poulation at Large – workers & the ‘under-employed’, & those who are committing ‘suicide by work’, which is better than suicide by Police bullet, Train or Motor vehicle, or overdose – which seems to be the preferred method, of termination, by a vessel, which appears to have ” Lost Sight, of the Light, at the end of the Tunnel “, & have given up hope, needlessly – the Glass, is Never, as Empty, as it is Full”.

Such a rough year for some, with several murders – age, sex, no barrier ; stabbings, assaults, on Seniors, by 20-somethings, and Teenagers ; This is not a record that 4.5million people, should take pride in, just like a couple of other 1st, or, 2nd, places, in areas it’s better to not be in – wages & the expense, of living in New Zealand – it’s so expensive, the tourists are complaining, & they’re only visiting. πŸ˜±πŸ˜€

It’s official, most of our streams, rivers, lakes, and city beaches, are polluted, due to effluent, from the country’s terrestrial mamals, shitting & pissing, madly all over the place, and haveing no real idea what to do with all the shit, except ‘treat’ it, & release it, to roam the oceans blue. ; Here’s an idea ‘ Get a cargo jet, or 5, to load up with sewage, and do areial drops, over the “clean green, 100%, pure” . This would help solve an emissions problem and, at the same time, add value, to the Environment, giving the Bush, a chance to feed properly, and grow to its potential. This in turn, should get more tourists, to visit the “Shakey Isles”, and wonder at our ingenuity.

I’ve another idea, involving a “double” Archemidies Screw” – one as a wind turbine, operating a Deepwater syphon, bringing up, nutrient rich, cold dense water, which when spread over the surface, sits atop the warm water, and helps generate a plankton bloom. One, done properly, would create a bloom, which could be seen from space, & tracked ; the bloom, would have the potential to reduce the acidity levels in the ocean – with a small addition of lime to alkalise the water ; the bloom, would also generate more Oxygen, and, should it operate for long enough, within a Protected Marine Reserve, should, over time, generate an increase in fish stocks.

Back to reality. Most parts of New Zealand, are experiencing drought, aided by dry winds, from Central Australia – Bush Fire Season, is under way, with over 29 uncontrolled fires, in each, of both Tasmania, and South Australia – some parts have had 40 days of 40Β°c, plus temperatures, with no sign of it abating.

New Zealand, has had its first snow fall of the 2019 winter season – my body has started the ‘weather split’ – so far, the hips/pelvis, do incoming rain & atmospheric lightning activity, the lower legs, are the South Islands, snow cover, the upper legs, you can figure out for yourself, and the torso, is reacting to wet/cold weather, one side for each coast & island & with the return to the weather sensitivity, comes disturbed sleep – with pharma drug help, plus herbs, and it’s still enough to wake me, any time between 2am & 6am – often with a temperature, hotter hip/pelvic area. Depending on the intensity of the weather event, some nights, nothing works, for any length of time.

Between the weather events, a freinds called over from another part of town to ‘hang out’ for a while. We go into the Park over the road, to see if the Native Fish & Koura, were going to show themselves.

Seems some dispicable individual, came in & cleaned out the creek, of All its Aqautic Residents. This will be a disappointment, to many who walk thru the Park, & often times, will dally a while and enjoy “the best aquarium in town” – you don’t need to do any maintainence to it, it’s self feeding, and, entertaining – when there’s fish, etc, to be seen.

Thankfully, the USA Govt shut down, is ending, temporarily – until ‘Teflon Don’, goes “Emergency – Build the Wall”, and takes the money from the military, or, NASA, or some other part of the government which cannot afford it.

Similarly, in the UK – stupid politicians, should stop their ploiticing, and reach a consensus , on the Brexit Deal.

As for the Dictators, Murderers, & Frauds, who pretend to be leaders – they still ruthlessly oppress any dissenters, to the Govt.Eltes.org, which is not in keeping with the ideals/asperations/cultural practices, of the day, and the “leader”, weather they be, dictator, authoritarian, hypocrite, liar, fraud/theif, & redrum, when it suits, can show compassion, Elpathy, to others not of his family or tribal group.

2 days have passed, and I spent part of today, surveying the altered state of the stream bed, in the local park, after our last breif, Torrential – aprox 3 hours – rain, in varying rates of precipitation – with a good imagination, one could say the torrent, played “The Yorrential Pour Sypmphany – it had notes and tones, which were noticeable.

The stream bed, has been changed over its entire length, which takes about 10 Min, to walk. The pools, are all changed in place, depth, size and flow.

One of the constructs, stood the storms worst – it remained in situ, abet filled with Gravel, of such proportions as to be worthy of an aquarium growing medium, which helps with filtering.

Dodgey Apps ; I’m advised by one of the security suites, that 95, & counting – “fake apps”, have been detected & removed, by Google Play Safe ; 28 million devices, have been infected, via download, of these apps – apparently the push advertisements, at all hours, and at any time – very often, Full Screen, adds, which would get a bit annoying, after a short while.

Well winter, is definitely on its way in new Zealand, just as it seems to be biting in places, in the Northern Hemisphere. Nice to hear the USA Govt, is open for business, if only for a short while.

Trump needs to get over his dam wall – I’m sure the Mexicans, would just love, to have “Teflon Don”, as an illegal refugee, as much as Canada would. Not.

Our junior doctors are to strike again. Seems the DHB’s, want to take conditions already granted, and is playing “shuck and jive”, over the rosters, the juniors are expected to work, at “Best, Practice, &, Performance, while trying to extend their qualifying hours, in speacilties.

If the DHB’s think this will root out the nincompoop & imbiciels, it won’t, as there will be ones determined enough to pass their practice ING certifications.

It’s close to the end of the month, and there’s been so much happening, which could have been mentioned, and hasn’t .

Yesterday, I went exploring, upstream in the Park over back of the estate. As mentioned earlier, the stream bed had changed, quite dramatically, after the last storm, with an average of 6-7 inches, of Gravel, rocks, branches & log sections, being moved off the whole length of the stream bed. At one place, which was ‘narrow’, at 5 foot, the deepest the water got was 30 inches, and at the trap, the backed up water, was so deep, it was close to breaking out, and going for a run down the road – the water at that point, would have been in excess of 6 feet deep.

Some fish & crustaceans , were noted as still in residence, in a couple of new pools – all the big fish which had been seen, before the storm, were no-where to be found, even the trap, was empty of fish and, crayfish/crustaceans.

The baby Kaka, have been successfully reared – an adult was seen feeding a fledged, baby, near to where I was sitting .

At another site, a Tui, flew so close to my face, the draught from the passage its wings, could be felt, across the whole side of the face.

It appears that some of the bird species, are not so willing to fly off, when my vessel is about, and heading their direction. They are barely concerned about the human bearing down on them. When, or, if they move, it’s not more than a single flap, or a hop, and that’s it, they sit there watching, not showing much in the way of alarm or being unduly disturbed, by my passing.

New Zealand, has found other stories to follow recently, after the intense ‘curiosity’ shown of their bad behaviour ; they’ve been served an immigration order, the equivalent of an eviction order, for a tenant ; & as many a bloated individual may say, “better out, than in”, considering they tried to free-load their way around the country.

We were forecast to get high temperatures today. I got outside, before 10am, while it was still quite pleasant, in the shade – the sun, was another matter, any movement drew water out of a body, in sufficient quantities, to wet clothing. I suspect the temperature then was in the mid 20’s, as at approximately 2.30pm, several gentle, gusts of very, warn air, came by, quite unexpectedly – the sensation of the warm wind, of the heat wave hitting, was a new sensation, & quite nice.. πŸ€”

The clouds in all this, have had the following appearances ; 1, Crimped, as in sheep’s wool ; 2, broken ice, as seen flowing on rivers that are starting to thaw, & breakup ; & of the 3 layers, one is heading south, trying to appear dark & angry, while the 2 upper layers, are heading north.

#Empath’s Observations

A piece of advice, to those who read this, and ‘get their feathers ruffeled’.

Any Negative Energy, You generate, You Own it as, You Generated it ; I, do not need it , nor do I want it ; it (the negative energy) belongs, with the individual, who generates it – Own your Bad Energy, and Transform it, to something Positive, and try again.

In generating the negative energy, you harm your vessel, and denigrate, your spirit. Stop, Harming Your Vessel, and trying to damage Your Spirit.

Should you be unable to Adopt a Better Attitude, Re-Incarnate in a Better Vessel.

How I love not, some of my former ‘freinds’ – the one who offered me accomadation, arranged to be taken up on 10-1-2019 after their air b n b, had gone. I messaged them a couple of days or so back, and was advised, ” oh, I let it on the 5th. It all happened so fast”. A two word response went back – polite & finite ; “Thanks . Bye”. This was from one whom I’ve known, for over 40 years, and has decided to ‘cripple themselves’, after an operation on their knee – they rested up, post operation, and refused to use the limb, and now, find they’ve lost somewhere round the 60% mark, in potential movement, and now have to attend physiotherapy, to ‘regain’, any measure of full function, instead of making like they’re, auditioning, for a part in a western, for ‘Hobble along Cassidy’.

My dear, dear, dear, landlord, is as corrupt as ever they were ; their latest response to the ‘burglays via “security keys”, that have occurred – ” the keys you hold are the only two keys cut, and there are no tenants, who have been issued with master keys, nor have any extra keys been cut, for your flat, or master keys”. They got a response on Christmas Eve, to which I’m expecting a response – “An Orchestrated Litany of Lies” ( the late Justice Mahone, Air New Zealand Erebus Enquiry). I think it maybe prudent, to start on the weakest links – the “untrustworthy neighbours”, via either Tenancy Tribunal, or Disputes Tribunal – both of which, are subject to bias, and discriminate ; it’s been seen to often.

Enough of the Abouve, it’s time for othe topics.

The Pohutukawa, which were in an earlier post, are all but berift of signs of new flowers, and old – all the tree, now is covered with a Golden hue, as the flowers mature towards seed capsules, as now the Red Stamens, are gone, the Tiny Petals, are starting to entropy. Even in this state, it’s still beautiful.

Notice of a change in the prevailing wind, was noticed early yesterday morning, while in the local park, after the Farmers Market. The notice, came via the hips & pelvis, initially, later, in the early – mid, afternoon, the Dorsal Ridge – part of the bones of the spine – started to become sufficiently affected, it became necessary, to go indoors, and after a an hour or so, haveing to do the pain-killers, plus shut down all open windows, to help retain any heat, the concrete of the building radiates, without cooking my vessel, due to heat.

Last year 2018, was 2=, on record in New Zealand, since records began, 2016, was the Hottest.

Thankfully, today, the cold frount has arrived–I also see this, as the first, storm of winter. It woke me, via overheated joints, ahead of its arrival – it arrived not long after I went back to bed, to ‘sleep off’, the anti-inflamatorys. The precipitation, was intense, apparently causing some flooding, on city streets. A trip over to the park maybe in order, to check on the ‘constructs’ that have been put in, providing additional habitat for the creek’s residents. Some of the newer pools, got residents, the day they were being constructed , which came as a surprise to some of the builders.

A few of the folks passing thru, have stopped to enquire, others have paused, longer than they intended, as they were advised about some of the Parks “Secrets” ; Glo-worms, Crayfish, other species who have a life cycle, intimately entwined, to the water, like the Midges, Mayflys, Dragonflys, etc.

There’s electrical, activity, in the atmosphere, to the north of my location, today – this makes it the 3rd or fourth day, the energy has been sensed, and now winters on its way, I’m wondering when the ‘one-peice’ body, will again, become a weather station, splitting into several sections, appropriate for the two main islands, and possibly a bit more.

Last Friday, was a day filled with travel – I had to go to the Doctor for prescriptions & the ticket used, is a day pass – it costs more, to do individual Busses, and, or, trains. So my travels took me over to Wainuiomata, to visit with an aqaintence, who needed some help. We decided to go for a walk, thru the bush, taking a couple of tracks, that hadn’t been walked previously. The first track, was beautiful, bush, with a clear running stream, with a couple of full adult sized native fish, in residence.

The bush, however, was erily silent. My freind said that either Doc (department of conservation), or the Regional Council, had done a poison bait drop, about 2 weeks back. There were wild Kiwi, in the area, which hopefully were not affected, though all other Birds, were absent in the area, yet further up the larger valley, nearer the water catchment dam, there were plenty. Doc, & freinds, say the bird life isn’t affected by these poison drops, intended for, Rats, Mice, Possums, Stoats, Ferris, Hedgehogs, Pigs, Deer and other Herbivores, and Preditors, that have become “citizens”, over the years, initially with good intentions – which had unfortunate consequences, post release.

Talk back radio, is full of the things wrong with the community – Burglays ; Road-kills & accidents ; Education ; Justice, including Police & Courts ; Health System – has to many practiceing , who should not be, as they are incompetent, at best & useless, at worst. Even some ‘Travelers/Gypsies/Tinkers/Roma, who have come to visit our fair shores.

I passed comment, similar last week at the Hospitals Dental Service, and was told I was “cheeky”, for saying that even when qualified to practice, that’s all every Lawyer ; Doctor ; Dentist ; Surgeon, does, every day of their working lives – practice. Some practice well, others are incompetent, and should not be practiceing, as those ones, will never, get it right, no matter how much they practice. Chemist’s, would also come into that description, as would Police & Judiciary.

There’s been much public discussion, about the “wasp (Paper & German) invasion”, which is plaugeing the country & devastating wildlife. It’s the “Paper Wasp, & the, German Wasp” that are attacking Monarch Butterfly Catipillars, & Butterfly’s, Cecroie Moths & Catilliars, and all of the Native species, of Leidoptra, pls, Dragonfys, and newly hatched birds, as well as eating the Honeydew, from the Beech Forests, of the South Island. The wasps mentioned, have no natural preditors in New Zealand, and are a problem, for everyone here, Tourist & Local, alike.

There’s also been discussion, of the high rate of murders, that are happening – it seems that not a day, has gone by since Christmas, that a murder, or serious assault, has occurred.

This is not an acceptable situation, which is not helped by “Roma peoples”, on holiday here, generating trouble everywhere they’ve gone, from running out on resteraunt bills, shoddy house painting / home maintenance jobs, and trashing local parks, & when asked to take their garbage to the rubbish bin, one of their children, started to make threats of physical violence, towards the locals, who ulled them up, about the trash – the child was said to be, no more than 10 years of age, who made the threats, with the adults, following suit. It’s got to the point, that there’s been calls, for the group to be deported, and any further applications from Roma Pepoles, refused, on application, as “undesirable aliens” – pity this isn’t America, as they would have been locked up dam fast, if not shot, for their abuse.

It’s a couple of days, since the start of this blog, the 1st storm of Winter, is at its back-end, with bits of blue,, almost the plentiful clouds, which have lightened. The Southerly, still flows over here, as I had to go see how the ‘condtructs’ on the creek bed, in the Park fared, in Mondays heavy rain – enough fell between 4am & 6am, for it to flood several streets, in the city. Snow fell, in the deep south ( the winter splits start, with the vessel now). Can-not complain to much about the rain, as it was/is needed, where its fallen – the difference in the under-story of the bush, is noticeable ; no more drooping leaves & tips, of younger plants.

A wander upstream, was done this morning, with a ‘freind’, texted yesterday, & had something for me, to be dropped off later.

The constructions – dams -, are all intact, and now have ‘remoddeled’ pools, at the downstream side, with the upside, cleaned out of sediment,. Even the already existing pools, got a ‘makeover’, which will prove interesting, in time, to see if the Fish survived, all the ‘trash=rotten rock’, that got moved, by the strength of the water, tearing along its course. Rocks, the size of an Adults skull, were moved, several meters, New beaches appeared, all leaf litter, was removed, across the whole of the bed – at one of the ‘narrows’, the weeds along the bank, show a water level, was over 12 inches, higher,

The freind who came thru the park, was an unexpected, house guest, last night – they had business, in town, about 10am, and were haveing to come and go from town thru the day, so I said OK, as that should save you several dollars, on your fist trip – we did the sums, a 7 section day ticket, is $15.00, the normal return fare, is $4.50 dearer, so ‘in profit’ on that trip, plus at least, another 9, Busses, to do all deeds, of the day.

Two property’s are being ‘worked on’, one, is removing the concrete basement, of an early 1900’s house, that was subject to an arson attack, about 5 years ago & it’s taken till now, to do anything with it. Another, is being “de-constructed”, as it has ‘sheet-rock/asbestos sheet’ cladding, to be removed. The crew, are in ‘forensic csuits & respirators, being very gentle, with the cladding. So far, they have done a good job salvaging all the timbers, window & door frames, and more, which is a better fate, than the former owners house, which got demolished – it had no asbestos sheets, and was, what’s called a “Kauri Villa”, of 2 floors. It met with a back-hoe, the relationship was short lived & brutal, for the grand old villa, of which so few, remain, even homes from later decades are vanishing, to be replaced with multi-level towers.

The city’s street lights were out, last evening, which was a nice change for the city-scape, & easier on the eyes also.